Gwalior zoo to be shut for a month over avian flu

Gwalior, Oct 24 (IANS) Gwalior Zoo is to remain closed for a month after five painted storks succumbed to avian flu, authorities said on Monday. Zoo employees have also been instructed to observe all precautions.

On Sunday, a joint committee of experts and officials held a meeting, chaired by District Officer Sanjay Goyal, where it was decided that the zoo will be re-opened only if there is no death of any animal or bird due to avian influenza for the next three weeks.

Over the past few days, 15 painted storks died out of which two were reported to have contacted bird flu. On Sunday, three more birds died.

Earlier, under the chairmanship of Dean U.K. Garg from Mhow’s Veterinary College, experts visited the zoo and took samples of bird droppings.

Goyal has tasked the civil surgeon to keep a check on the health parameters of all the zoo staff, and asked everyone to follow the necessary protocols to deal with avian flu. He also directed that all zoo officials must wear protective gear while attending to animals.

He has asked zoo workers to take Tamiflu tablets.