H-Bots Robotics to make a ‘robot cop’ for policing activites

H-Bots Robotics to make a ‘robot cop’ for policing avtivites

HYDERABAD,July6: Robotics firm H-Bots Robotics said on Wednesday that it’s working on a ‘robot cop’ that can be deployed in policing activities and, if found successful, can be scaled up commercially.

Speaking to Express on the sidelines of the launch of a robotics lab in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Kisshhan P S V, founder of H-Bots Robotics, said that the police robot would be “totally made in India”. Hinting that the company is going very fast on this front, he said the prototype would be ready soon.

“Till now, only Dubai has had a police robot, which was actually made in France. But, we are coming up with a police robot which will be only the second robot in world and totally made in India. The prototype will be ready in a couple of months and we will actually press this into service in December. While it cost us Rs 7 lakh to prepare prototype, we are planning to produce one robot at Rs 3 lakh. We have raised $1 million for its expansion activities and will think about further funding after launching these products,” explained Kisshhan.

The high-end robotics lab, launched on Wednesday, will cater to robotics researchers and start-ups in Hyderabad. The facility, called Makers Leeway is equipped to provide space and facilities to 50 robotics researchers. “Besides setting a robotics lab in Hyderabad, we are aiming to provide robotic research facilities across 40 cities in India. We tied with various associates for the purpose and launched H-Bots card which will enable robotics researchers to use research facilities across such labs,” said Kisshhan.