Hacking group legion reveals NDTV mails, says Barkha Dutt had clash with Sonia Singh at NDTV 

Hacking group legion reveals NDTV mails, says Barkha Dutt had clash with Sonia Singh at NDTV.

New Delhi, January 18: Ever since Barkha Dutt quit from NDTV, many speculative informations are being reverberated. These speculations say that one of the main reason for her decision to resign from NDTV would be a move to escape from the possible investigation on  NDTV over money laundering case. The Income tax department had already conducted investigations in the money laundering scam of NDTV. This investigation revealed that anchors Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sonia Singh and Vikram Chandra had used foreign company SHELL to transfer huge amount of funds to NDTV, without paying tax. 

As this is a clear case of violation of the rule under the Prevention of the Money laundering Act., they are supposed to get punished or at least made to pay the tax.  The IT department had produced proof that Rs 2030 crores was transferred into NDTV accounts through fraudulent means.

But the Legion hackers group which had earlier leaked the Emails of Barkha Dutt has once again shown proof that the relationship with Barkha Dutt and her colleagues in NDTV was under friction. The mails released by the hackers show that Sonia Singh and Barkha Dutt of having a verbal spat over some issue.

However many cyber experts even speculated that she has been assigned for a bigger task for galvanizing the Anti India forces to target the Modi government and ignite new episode of intolerance. The opposition which is running out of issues, is indulging in creating rift within sections of communities in every state. Using army jawans, CRPF and BSF forces for political fight is also the new strategy being played.

The Legion group says that this mail is just one among a series of mails which indicate that Barkha Dutt and her colleagues were not in good terms anymore. In the leaked mail Sonia Singh seems to be slamming Barkha Dutt for blaming her in some issue. She even goes to say, Barkha Dutt makes all decisions and later blames others if something goes wrong and now she is trying to do damage control.