Hadiya case: 24-years-old women have right to make decisions, Supreme Court

Kerala's love jihad: SC to hear Hadiya case today

New Delhi, October 3: The Supreme Court on Tuesday has made a significant observation on the Akhila/Hadiya case. The court has stressed that it is not only the father’s right to protect. The 24 years old women have the right to make decisions, the Court added.

The supreme Court has further clarified that it would check whether the NIA investigation is needed in the case and whether the High Court has the power to cancel a marriage deed. If needed, hadiya would be shifted to another centre, the Court observed.

The Court would be hearing the case again on Monday. The Women’s Commission has also given the permission to join in the case. The Spreme Court made this observations while hearing the plea of her husband Sheffin Jahan.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has submitted all the up to date details of the investigation in the Court. Sheffin Jahan has submitted new petition in the Supreme Court alleging that Hadiya is under house arrest and she is not allowed to contact any one from outside and moreover she is facing severe human rights violation.

The plea also urged the Court to interfere immediately and to summon Hadiya for hearing what she wants to convey. Meanwhile, the Kerala Women’s Commission has approached the court for allowing it to meet Hadiya directly.