Hadiya case heading towards new revelations, NIA report

In a developing news, Hadiya case to be heard in supreme court on January 23rd.  A controversial case, the human rights violation faced by Hadiya that made the headlines last year caused many political debates. National Investigation Agency(NIA), who are investigating the case now, are going to file a new report regarding Hadiya’s marriage.

Their latest report suggests that marriage between Hadiya and Shafin Jahan was to receive an upper hand over the high court’s verdict based on the habeas corpus filed by Hadiya’s father Ashokan. NIA in their report, claims that the driver of Satyasarani’s Sainaba found Shafin Jahan to marry Hadiya and that does not validate with the statement given by Shafin Jahan.

According to him, the matrimonial website ‘waytonikah.com’ helped him to find Hadiya and eventually they got married as per religious ceremonies. But formerly, NIA report questioned this claim and said that Shafin Jahan started the account in the matrimonial site only after the marriage and one can only use the service of the site only after paying money rather than not just by a google search.

NIA now got a statement by Sainaba’s driver and according to the reports, the driver’s statement will be a key point.  As per the report,  After the high court verdict of habeas corpus filed by Hadiya’s father Ashokan, Sainaba asked the driver to find a groom for Hadiya and later driver introduced Shafin Jahan to Hadiya.