Hadiya had narrow escape from ISIS, Kerala police blamed for overturning anti-terror investigation

Kerala High Court
Kerala High Court

Kochi/Kerala, June 1: Hadiya, who has converted to Islam by certain Muslim extremists had just a narrow escape from the captivity of ISIS terror camp in Syria. The phone conversation between the father Ashokan and the girl Hadiya/Akhila has almost proven this.

This information was there in the audio which became a turning point in the case. Hadiya tells her father Ashokan that she wanted to go to Syria. This conversation with her father is made after she arrived in Satya Sarani for religious studies during July last year. Ashokan filed a writ petition on August 14, on the grounds that there are possibilities for her to be taken to Syria, on the basis of this telephonic conversation.

Later on August 25, Hadiya appeared before the court along with Sainaba, the women’s president of the Popular Front of India. Then Hadiya was transferred to a hostel as ordered by the court, at the expense of her father. A month later, Hadiya insisted to go with Zinaaba. On 29 September the court temporarily left Hadiya with Sainaba. On November 14, the court allowed her to continue studies at Ashokan’s expenses.

But on December 21, Akhila was married to Shafi Jahan, a lawyer told the court. Evidence was also given. The court, however, strongly disapproved of the act of marriage while entrusted for a temporary protection. The court also wondered that the marriage was on the same day that Hadiya was given permission to join college. The HC division bench ordered to cancel the marriage and to sent her back to her parents, last week.

Meanwhile, the Intelligence Bureau has blamed the Kerala state police, in a report submitted to the Central Home Ministry, for overturning the progress made in anti- terror investigations by not investigating the ISIS involvement in the Hadiya conversion case.

The investigating agency has come down heavily on the Kerala state police who ignored two strong links to ISIS that became evident during the investigation. Hadiya alias Akhila, had converted to Islam and married one Shafin Jahan while she was at the Satya Sarani Muslim educational centre.

The crucial intelligence report also accuses the state police of not making a thorough investigation into Shafin Jahan. Shafin Jahan, who is the so so called husband of Hadiya, was identified as one among the three ISIS supporters arrested from the Kanakamala camp at Kannur by the NIA. The Kerala police had allegedly dropped the significant connection by concluding that the accused denied the charges when he was questioned.