Haryana Police takes Honeypreet and her aide Sukhdeep Kaur to undisclosed location

Haryana Police takes Honeypreet and her aide Sukhdeep Kaur to undisclosed location

Haryana, October 9: The police have accused Honeypreet Insan of misleading the investigation and has taken her to an undisclosed location for questioning. Honeypreet, Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s aide and adopted daughter, was arrested on October 3.

AS Chawla, Panchkula police commissioner claimed that Honeypreet was not fully cooperating with the police in the investigation and was evasive in her replies.

Panchkula police’s special investigation team (SIT) is now seeking help from Haryana Police’s crime branch as SIT failed to elicit answers for 300 questions prepared for Honeypreet. On Saturday, she was thus taken to an undisclosed spot for questioning.

In order to avoid media presence, the police staged a drama taking female police personnel dressed as dummies of Honeypreet and her aide Sukhdeep Kaur in police convoys, while actually taking the two accused later to an undisclosed location.

Regarding the violence that erupted in Panchkula in August, Haryana Police on Friday issued summons to 45 members of a committee of the Dera.

A hard disk containing details of transactions worth Rs 700 crore, including those related to property and hawala deals of the Dera has been recovered and sent for further investigation.

Five Dera supporters in police custody claimed that Honeypreet was the mastermind in 25 August violence in Panchkula. They added that Honeypreet had provided funding to the sect’s supporters in Panchkula and sanctioned Rs 1.25 crore ahead of verdict day. She had also chaired a meeting on 17 August in Sirsa to plan the violent attack.

After evading arrest for 38 days, Honeypreet was arrested on October 3.

Honeypreet tops the list of most wanted persons, according to a statement released by Haryana police in September, in relation to the widespread violence in Panchkula after Ram Rahim’s conviction in molesting two of his women followers.