Has Katie Price admitted to spending the night with Simon Cowell ?

Has Katie Price admitted of spending night with Simon Cowell ?

Los Angeles, Feb 6 :Television personality Katie Price has reportedly admitted that she did spend the night in the music mogul Simon Cowell’s bed.

“X Factor” boss Cowell strongly denies a secret liaison with the model after her ex-fiancé Leandro Penna claimed it broke up their relationship

And now Price claims that she went back to the X Factor supremo’s mansion after an awards bash and ended up staying the night. Mother of five insists the pair did not have sex but told The Sun on Sunday they ‘undressed, got into bed and had fun’.

“We kissed and I ran my fingers through his chest hair thinking, ‘This is the first time I’ve been in bed with a proper man’,” she told the newspaper.

Last week, Penna claimed he grew suspicious when a boozy Price turned up at home in the morning after a “business meeting” with Cowell, reports mirror.co.uk.

He said Price denied the pair had sex but then claims he found evidence in the form of text messages between the pair.