Health and Physical Education Textbook for standard 12th written by Sharma stereotypes women

Health and Physical Education Textbook for standard 12th written by Sharma stereotypes women

New Delhi, April11:This terrific book on Physical Education written by Sharmaji titled Health and Physical Education Textbook reveals that women who participate in Miss Universe or Miss World competitions have the best bodies and that this is why we must exercise. “The 36-24-36 figure does not come up by chance,” he admonishes us ever so lovingly.

The book, published by New Saraswati House, is taught to CBSE students of Class 12 though it hasn’t been brought out by the NCERT.

After I read Sharmaji’s enlightening writing, I did ask him if he’d heard about anorexia and bulimia that are often associated with beauty contests. He asked me eagerly if these were the Russian contestants (36-24-36 strictly) who were participating in this year’s event.

Also, do not dismiss Sharmaji so easily, ladies, by saying you are exercising because you want to be an athlete or some such ridiculous thing. Here’s Sharmaji putting an end to that dream:

“The vertebrae in females is usually long but in it comparison upper and lower limbs (hands and legs) are smaller, whereas, the vertebra, hands and legs of males are longer in comparison to females. The bones of hips of females are wider. Knees are slightly apart. Due to this shape females are not able to run properly.”

Take a moment to digest that. Go on now, words don’t have any calories and I’m sure Sharmaji won’t object.

All this while, you were worrying about your bra showing when you must have focused on your vertebra.

If you find Sharmaji to be too regressive, shame on you, you feminist-type. He’s a modern man who has pointed out that despite the inconveniences of a menstrual cycle or pregnancy (not to mention weird vertebrae), women have been successful at sporting events.

I asked Sharmaji if he’d heard of Serena Williams who is most certainly not 36-24-36 and Sharmaji said, “Is she married?” When I said no, Sharmaji got a smug expression on his face. I told him that she was engaged but Sharmaji said, “Child, that’s like a 36-24-36 woman saying she’s the same as a 36-30-36 woman. Figuratively speaking..har har.”