Heart from Mumbai saves life of Lebanon businessman in Chennai

Heart from Mumbai saves life of Lebanon businessman in Chennai. Photo: Twitter

Mumbai/Maharashtra, October 13: For the first time, a heart traveled around 1,300 kilometers from Navi Mumbai for a transplant in Chennai.The recipient of the heart was a Lebanese senior citizen.

A 43-year-old Chetan Tailor who is a grocery shop owner in Khopoli was declared brain dead after 20 days of hospitalization at Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Chetan Tailor suffered from an intra-cranial brain bleed and efforts to revive him were made for several days. A transplant coordinator from Apollo Hospital said that his wife and 12-year-old son have heard about organ donation. Someone they knew had donated organs and they were willing to donate all his organs.

Dr. Prasad Mugalikar, medical director of the Apollo Hospital said that only the heart was retrieved as other organs were not suitable for transplantation. A green corridor was created on Thursday from the Appollo hospital through Palm Beach road through the Pune highway and Mankhurd-Ghatkopar link road followed by the Santacruz-Chembur link road to reach Mumbai airport in 40 minutes. From the airport, it was flown on a chartered plane to Chennai and reached Fortis hospital in four hours.

The Local Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre officials said that 26 heart patients were in the waiting list for a transplant in Mumbai but no one was compatible with the donor. For the compatibility, blood group and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) are basic tests conducted on the donor and the recipient.

According to guidelines of National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation, once no compatible recipient is found in the state or surrounding states, the organ is provided to the rest of India for a suitable recipient.

The 61-year old recipient underwent the heart transplant on Thursday. the 61-year-old recipient is a businessman working in the construction sector. He suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy and registered himself for transplant a month ago. Originally from Lebanon, he has been living with his wife and three children in Chennai since September 2017.

Doctors at Fortis hospital in Chennai said that they did not face any challenges in the transplant except for the time constraint. Once a heart is harvested from a body must be transplanted into another body within six hours. In this case, doctors, traffic and airport officials raced against time to transport the heart in four hours from Mumbai to Chennai.