Helen Mirren lauds `shameless` Kim K’s nude selfie

Washington, D.C., June 7 : Though Dame Helen Mirren is not a fan of Kim Kardashian, she has showeredpraise on the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ nude selfie.

In a recent interview with a magazine, the 70-year-old star said cited “shameless women” like Kardashian and musical group Pussy Riot as role models, who have rejected labels such as slut and embraced bigger body shapes, E! Online reports.

“I’m not into the Kardashians, it’s a phenomenon I just don’t find interesting, but – and this is the big word: B-U-T-T – it’s wonderful that you’re allowed to have a butt nowadays,” she said.

Adding on to this, the ‘Eye In The Sky’ star said that she had never been a fan of the Kardashians, but admired their role in making big butts acceptable.

“Thanks to Madame Kardashian, and before her, J.Lo, we’re also allowed to have thighs now, which is great too. It’s very positive,” she said.

Mirren also revealed that at the time when she was growing up, even showing a bra strap was thought to be unbelievably sluttish.

“When I was growing up, it was thought to be unbelievably sluttish to even have a bra strap showing. Everything was about women conforming. I love shameless women. Shameless and proud,” she added.

The 35-year-old reality star had posted her nude selfie on March 7 with the caption, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”