Here’s what Sasikala did to win Jayalalithaa’s chair? Palaniswamy on a spurious throne?

AIADMK passes resolution to expel Sasikala and Dinakaran permanently: Will Party By-law allow it?

Chennai, June 13: After the unexpected death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, Sasikala and her party colleagues have played many games in Tamil Nadu politics. Political movements at the Kuvathur resort became a major backlash to Panneeselvam’s attempt to regain power as CM of the state. Some shocking revelations have been made by certain close allies of Sasikala.

Panneerselvam and Sasikala had a literal fist fight for the Chief Minister’s power as Jayalalithaa died while being in power. But the situations were always positive for Sasikala except in the disproportionate assets case.

Sasikala paid Rs 2 to 10 crores for voting in favour of Palaniswamy in the non-confidence move. Gold is also given worth crores of Rupees. The shocking revelation comes in a stung operation Times Now and Moon TV channels.
There were allegations that the MLAs’ support was not gained through a straight way. The MLAs were kept in the Koovathur Resort just like jail as they were denied access to anyone outside the resort. There were also complaints that these MLAs were made sign on a white paper.

Anna DMK Sulur MLA Kanakaraj from Palaniswamy group and South Madura MLA Saravanan from the Pannerselvam group were trapped in the cameras, making this revelations. By this development, the survival of the government itself is at risk.

Saravanan reveals that Thani Arass, Karunas and Thamimul Ansari were given Rs 10 crore each. Both of them have won the election in the panel of AIADMK.  Saravanan is the one who joined the Panneerselvam camp after escaping from the Kuvathur resort.

Saravanan also agrees that Panneerselvam had offered Rs 1 crore to the MLAs to join his group. “Sasikala group has offered six crores each to the MLAs. And later gold worth an equal amount was given. Some of those who did not get this money has jumped to the opposite side. Paneerselvam had also offered minister post to some of the MLAs. Alcohol was supplied in plenty at the Kuvathur resort, where the MLAs were kept in captivity.