High temperature brings in large crowds to Marina Beach

Chennai, April 19: As the temperature continues to rise with no sign of a respite, massive crowds from all parts of the city have begun to flock to the Marina Beach. During the weekends, especially on Sundays, several thousands are seen gathered at the city’s iconic spot.

“The number will only increase as the summer progresses,” a police officer said while looking over a young boy who was busy building a castle in the sand along with his sister until a tide comes in to wash it away.

As visitors galore, the police too seem to be on guard. “We are keeping an eye on visitors to ensure they maintain a safe distance from the sea and do venture in too deep. We are doing our best to keep against any untoward incident,” said an officer.

According to him, young men and women visit the beach without the supervision of elders, often try to venture into the waters past the safe zone and the possibility of them being dragged away by the strong current is likely. Keeping them under a check was a big task, he said. In addition to policemen from Anna Square and Marina police stations on their beat duty, policemen on horses and those on all- terrain vehicles too also did rounds to keep revellers under check.

“My children have been persuading me to bring them to the beach for some time now. Only today, I finally found the time,” said S. Dhanapalan, a software professional from Thiruvotriyur, who was reprimanding his nine-year-old son for running too close to the water.

Not only visitors, even full-time vendors at the beach were taking some time off from selling their products to get their feet wet.