Highway alcohol ban turns Amul’s pride as they invite all to open milk bars

Highway alcohol ban turns Amul's pride as they invite all to open milk bars

NEW DELHI,April05:  India’s highway liquor ban will prohibit the sale of alcohol along highways in a bid to reduce drunk driving. Besides loss of revenue, the move is estimated to affect a million jobs and thousands of liquor shops and bars. Now, in an endearing tweet, the Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul) – India’s largest dairy cooperative – has invited the 16,000 affected liquor shops to open milk bars instead. R S Sodhi, Managing Director of Amul, tweeted on April 3 to invite bars affected by the Supreme Court ruling to open milk bars for ‘gainful employment and healthy nation building.’

Mr Sodhi’s tweet has garnered many positive reactions on the micro blogging site. “Fantastic !! Amul is a national gem. We <3 Amul,” tweets one user in reply. “Milk of human kindness as they say!” writes another.

However, Amul’s bid to build a healthier nation did not stop with one tweet. Famous for its comic strips that address issues of national importance by giving them a ‘punny’ twist, the company released another relevant comic today: