Himachal Pradesh lose six children to Blue Whale challenge,police issue caution

Himachal Pradesh lose six children to Blue Whale challenge,police issue caution

Shimla, Aug 24: Himachal Pradesh police today issued an advisory caution to the parent to keep vigil on their ward as six children of age group of 12 to 19 yrs have been lost their lives after commuting suicide in span of two weeks in country. Superintendent of police CID said in press release today that they. appeal to parents, teachers, and all concerned individuals to keep a close watch on thos what may be showing erratic behaviour because they may be playing online games such as Blue Whale challenge.

Blue Whale is a controversial internet game also known as the suicide game in which a series of tasks, mostly brutal are given to the player for a period of 50 days by the Administrators with the final challenge requiring them to commit suicide. The player is asked to share the photos after finishing the different levels of the game.

In case player tries to tasks a challenge, the Administrators threatens them with the exposure or harm their family. The game is spread via link on social media platforms .

The parent s advised to recognise any change in the behaviour of their kids that may be point out depression or any other mental problem. By viewing child’s text message, call log, search history, School note books, communication via Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc one can get useful insights into their mind.

Regular interaction with them is required to guide them about these types of dangerous games available on children. Guardian are also asked to limit child’s App usage and block sites promoting dangerous activities. It is required to raise the alarm among the teachers too. School authorities are requested to make children use the internet in highly visible areas of the school . All online activities are to be supervised and monitored in light of education objectives.

Goverment of India has already directed the social media platforms like FB, Google and Instagram to remove link , of the controversial game from their sites.