Hindu-Muslim couple marriage breaks barriers without rituals

Hindu-Muslim couple marriage breaks barriers without rituals

New Delhi, May10:Inter-religious marriages have always been a subject to controversy in our country and for a lot of couples different religious backgrounds mean an end to their relationship. Recently the issue of love jihad and a man being beaten to death for aiding an interfaith marriage have made things worse.

But a love story comes as a ray of hope amidst all this negativity, as the Hindu-Muslim couple is breaking barriers to set an example. Junaid Shaikh, a Muslim, and Garima Joshi, a Hindu, decided to get married by giving Hindu as well as Muslim rituals a miss.

The couple who had been dating for a long time felt the religious difference would come in the way of their union, but were elated when their parents agreed. The couple then decided to get married sans a nikaah or traditional pheras, and only held a celebration of two cultures.

The couple went beyond religious ceremonies and made their wedding a celebration of love, like it’s supposed to be. A video documenting their journey has gone viral with thousands of shares.