History repeats: Honey-trapped Varun Gandhi resembles and reminds Jagjeevan Ram and son Suresh Ram

New Delhi, October 24: When the nude images of an individual closely resembling the BJP MP Varun Gandhi engaging in sexual activities with the “female escort” hits the social media, any Indian knowing the history of Indian politics shall not forget the story of Jagjeevan Ram and his son Suresh Ram. Both the cases of Suresh Ram And Varun Gandhi give clues towards the arms dealings of the country.

The incident grabbed national attention after a US-based lawyer C Edmonds Allen alleged that his former business partner and controversial arms dealer Abhishek Verma “honey-trapped” Varun Gandhi and some senior military officials with foreign sex workers to extract sensitive information about defence deals.

Arms dealer Abhishek Verma, the centre-piece of this prolonged tale of murk and corruption in Indian defence sector. [Photo: India Today]

Arms dealer Abhishek Verma, the centre-piece of this prolonged tale of murk and corruption in Indian defence sector. [Photo: India Today]

 They are certain historical imprints which hits back the origin, as time progress.

It was before 38 years in 1978, when Jagjeevan Ram was the Defence Minister, and his son Suresh Ram had played the role of the hero in images. Suhsma Chaudhari, a student of the Delhi University was also there in those pictures with Suresh. Manaka Gandhi’s Surya Magazine had printed and published the hot pictures of Suresh Ram and Sushama Chaudhari.

Suresh Ram and Suhsma Chaudhari

Now the same Maneka Gandhi’s son is filling news columns in Indian media in the same way with nude, bedroom scenes. These sexual images are supposedly those handed over by C Edmonds Allen, a New York-based lawyer and former business partner of controversial arms dealer Abhishek Verma, as proof of the incident.

It was really a political move to abolish the conquering politician Jagjeevan Ram. There were even certain forecast that he would become the Prime Minister of India after the emergency.

Jagjeevan Ram was holding key position in the Centrla Government lead by Jawaharlal Nehru. After the emergency, Jagjeevan Ram has joined the Janatha Party. But the fate proved different, Morarji Desai become the Prime Minister superseding Jagjeevan Ram and Charan Singh. Jagjeevan Ram became next to the prime Minister.


While almost all the news papers ignored the scoop, the nude pictures of Suresh Ram, Indira Gandhi has taken advantage of the situation to avenge to Jagjeevan Ram who abandoned her at times of struggle. Maneka Gandhi’s Surya Magazine had published the photos while all other editors have decided not to attack Jagjeevan Ram using his son as a weapon, as the individual named Suresh is neither possessing any political power nor a public figure, who lacks news value.

The images are said to have been leaked but the authenticity of these pictures could not be verified. However, if proven to be genuine, it will be damaging to the image of the firebrand BJP leader who was aspiring to be BJP’s chief ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Some within the party believe that the entire episode could possibly be a sly job of insiders against Varun Gandhi’s ambitious projections.

A man resembling BJP leader Varun Gandhi is seen in images circulating on social media with a woman sex worker.
Image spreading in social media resembling to Varun Gandhi.

Now Varun Gandhi, son of Maneka gandhi, the one who marked an end to the political future of Jagjeevan Ram through his son Suresh Ram, has caught in the same trap. When one more bedroom scene conquers the headlines of the mainstream media, this history must not be forgotten, which uprooted a political giant like Jagjeevan Ram.