Hiten Tejwani’s journey in ‘Gangaa’ ends (TV Snippets)

Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) Actor Hiten Tejwani, Rakhi Tandon, Ruhanna Khan, Vishal Vashishtha and Sushmita Mukherjee have bid adieu to TV show “Gangaa”.

With a revamp in the story line which is nearing its on-air date, the &TV show will see a whole new star cast taking the story forward, read a statement.

The ongoing on-air promos show a new entry of a character named Shiv, which will be played by Shakti Anand. He will be the new love interest in Gangaa’s life.

According to a source in the know of developments, artists are taking the revamp in the concept of the show very sportingly as they are happy with the new track.

“They know that it is only for the betterment of the show that the change is about to take place,” said the source.


Neeti Mohan’s Lohri surprise for “The Voice India…’ contestants

Singer Neeti Mohan, best known for songs like “Kheech meri photo”, “Jiya re” and “Ishq wala love”, made special arrangements and celebrated Lohri with her team of popular singing reality show “The Voice India Season 2” at a hotel in Mumbai.

“The contestants of the &TV show have been away from home for more than two months, and were missing their families. When coach Neeti heard about the same she decided to do something very special for them,” said a source close to the show.

She made special arrangements and celebrated Lohri with her team at their hotel. Along with the celebrations, she made sure she heard everyone singing and coached them on their upcoming battle round.

“Finally all of us met together and not everyone is from Mumbai. So I thought there should be some celebration with my team where everyone sits together, cooks, eats and sings. What better than celebrating Lohri when it’s just around the corner,” Neeti said in a statement.


Karan Veer Mehra spreads road safety awareness

Actor Karan Veer Mehra on Thursday pledged his support for the United Spirits-Diageo Road To Safety initiative in Mumbai.

Having personally experienced a road accident recently, Karan attended the event injured and urged people to never drink and drive.

“Life just comes at 100 times the speed when a road accident happens. You won’t get a chance to do anything. All I can say is be safe, wear your helmets and seatbelts. And, never drink and drive. Rules are meant for our safety, and I hope all of you follow those,” said Karan in a statement.

He also emphasised on the need to control anger when on the road.

“Don’t lose your temper which can lead to accidents because anything can happen in a matter of few seconds. We can always fix our vehicles but a life lost can never be brought back again,” Karan said.