Home Ministry fails to contain political murders in Kannur; CM Pinarayi Vijayan stays mum

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 12: Violence has been the key  factor of Kerala politics and particularly in northern Kerala, the erstwhile Malabar district. This is the region where the CPM, the RSS and even the  Indian Union Muslim League train their young guns in martial arts to bomb making.

Murders is a salient feature in Kannur politics where the communist cadres were ones hunted and killed. But after coming to the power,  Communists started the same brutality  against anyone who got in their way. And surprisingly  the current Chief  Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is alleged to be the leader of this Kannur-lobby.

29-year-old Ramith  is the latest victim of this Kannur lobby brutality. Ramith, a BJP worker was hacked to death by unknown assailants in broad daylight at Pinarayi in  Kannur district on Wednesday. This is considered  to be in retaliation to the murder of CPM worker who was killed in similar manner.

Remith’s father Uthaman was also a victim of political violence in 2002 in which CPM workers forcefully dragged him  out of a bus  he was travelling and hacked him to death.

BJP state vice-president K.P. Sreeshan alleged that several BJP-RSS activists were killed in CM’s constituency and Mr. Vijayan is shielding those involved in political murders in the state.

Many-a-times CPM is backed by quotation gangs, the invisible forces and they are empowered by politicians and money lobby of the state. This gang represent a younger generation and dehumanised by politics of the region and religion.

The towns of Thalasseri and Kannur and the Marxist-dominated areas surrounding them, where the CPM’s hold is such that they are virtually autonomous territories where only the party’s writ runs.

It is a writ infamously dipped in blood. The entire machinery of this precinct including the police force is considered to be subservient to the left forces of the region.

It is just because the disobedient of the party decisions has to bear the brunt.  The party functions as a feudal thug and bloodshed is child’s play. The notorious ‘party gramams’ or party-villages provide chilling examples of CPM’s fascist stranglehold in these districts.

For example, if your next-door neighbour is not a party man, it is taboo to invite him or his family to a function at your house.

On 20 February 2012, in Keezhara, one such ‘party-village’ in Kannur district, CPM comrades ‘took into custody’ a 21-year old named Shukoor. His “crime” was that he and other workers of the Muslim Student Federation (the student wing of the Muslim League, a partner in the Congress-led UDF) had blocked the motorcade of the CPM’s Kannur warlord P Jayarajan and thrown stones.

Hundreds of people were tried and examined when this youngster was taken to a paddy field and hacked to death in front of many. No one opposed because it was carried out by  two dreaded Jayarajans of CPM without whom no major party actions can take place in the region.

It is a serious doubt that the urbane world of the party’s leaders in Delhi, Marxists in the corridors of power like Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury, begin to look absurd when confronted with these killing fields? Who knows? A few drops of blood do not matter much when the stakes are sky-high. Profound jargon washes all.

These CPM-trained goondas are looking to expand its territory as they are aided with massive fund, legal aid even right up to Supreme Court.