Honda updates its motocross bikes, the CRF450R for 2017

Honda updates its motocross bikes, the CRF450R for 2017

New Delhi, May15:Honda recently updated one of its most popular motocross bikes, the CRF450R for 2017. The most significant update will be the introduction of an electric starter on the bike, which will make it easier for riders to fire it up again, in case it dies down while on a trail or in a motocross competition. The other changes are that it gets a lightweight lithium-ion battery to power the electric starter. Honda says that the Showa suspension units at the front and at the rear have been given updates for 2017 as well. The front suspension has 12 inches of travel while the rear suspension has 12.3 inches of travel. There are a few component changes to the same to improve the suspension feel and better feedback overall.

(2017 Honda CRF450R)

The race-ready CRF450RX model also gets the same updates and one can also opt to lose the kick-starter which further reduces weight by 600 grams on the bike.

(2017 Honda CRF450RX)

The 2018 model of the CRF450R gets an update to the engine control unit (ECU) as well, which now aims to give the rider a wider band of power to play with. The other features such as a titanium fuel tank, 260 mm front brake, 240 mm rear brake and the Showa suspension units remain the same. The CRF450R gets a 449 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke motor which is liquid-cooled. Honda does not reveal the power and torque ratings of its motocross bikes. The Honda CRF450R is one of the most successful motocross bikes around the world.