‘HornVrat’: Anti-honking campaign kicks off in Mumbai

‘HornVrat’: Anti-honking campaign kicks off in Mumbai

Mumbai, January 28: Mumbai based NGO, Awaaz foundation has kicked off a new anti-honking campaign in Mumbai on Saturday. In an effort to curb Mumbai’s omnipresent, incessant honking, the anti-noise campaigners organized an awareness drive at the Gateway of India. The anti-honking campaign was launched as a joint effort between the NGO and the transport department of Maharashtra.

Hundreds of Mumbaiites, Mumbai police, and many environment activists had gathered together at the Gateway of India to mark the beginning of the campaign; the mass gathered pledged for a quieter city and officially launched the ‘HornVrat’ campaign. The volunteers of Awaaz Foundation claimed that the city  suffers an average of 18 million horns an hour. According to transport department data, there are 3 million vehicles in the city currently and a Mumbai driver honks at least six times an hour.

The NGO has roped in thousands of auto-rickshaw drivers to join the drive. Soon the NGO will start organizing events as part of the campaign in various locations in Mumbai to spread awareness to other motor vehicle users as well.

Awaaz Foundation is a non-governmental organisation and a charitable trust based in Mumbai, India, which builds awareness, carries out advocacy, and is involved in educational projects to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution.