How many women are in RSS, criticises Rahul Gandhi: Women players will be only in women’s match, Vaidya hits back

All decks cleared for Rahul to be next Congress president

Bhopal, October 12: A hockey analogy, for Raul Gandhi’s speech for “women in short comment”, Many BJP leaders have condemned the remark and union minister Smriti Irani too weighed in calling it indecent and derogatory to women.

Turning of the ruling BJP’s ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, or RSS, to take a swipe at the Congress leader.

According to reports, Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday had the aim to target BJP and the RSS at one of his programmes during his Gujarat tour in the run to the assembly election, stating that a gathering of women that the BJP won’t interested in women right.

Mr. Gandhi also quoted in a different manner that “How many women are in the RSS?  Have you ever seen women in shorts working with RSS? I have never seen. You see women in the Congress all the time. In the RSS you will never see women. God knows what mistakes women have committed that they cannot be a part of RSS,”

Responds to the speech Mr. Vaidya, the RSS publicity department in-charge stated that It is like going to a men’s hockey match and trying to look for women players. If you want to see women players, you have to go to a women’s hockey match”

To the speech, Senior RSS leader Manmohan Vaidya stated that Rahul Gandhi was asking a wrong question to people and also comparing apples to oranges. the main problem in Mr. Gandhi’s speechwriters is they don’t understand the Sangh. He should get new, more intelligent writers for his speeches.

“The Sangh had decided long back that it will work in the midst of men, and it has the right to decide this,” he said, adding that the RSS only had camps for men but this did not mean it did not work with women.

Mr. Vaidya said on Wednesday evening in Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal where top leaders of the RSS are to hold a three-day meeting beginning Thursday

Rahul Gandhi’s speech stated that Comparing attempt on the presence of women in the Congress to the RSS,

the RSS could not be compared with any political party, Mr. Vaidya said.

Trying to do that is like to trying to hold a competition between two sides, one playing cricket and the other side, hockey. If two sides have to compete, both have to be playing the same game, he said, directly Mr. Gandhi to compete with the BJP.