How to Disconnect Your Reliance Jio Connection?

Reliance Jio
"Today, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised Reliance Jio to withdraw the 3 months` complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise," Reliance Jio said in a statement yesterday.

Mumbai, March 06: Millions of Indians – over 100 million, rushed to sign up for Reliance Jio service, ever since it opened up to the public on September 1, 2016. The reason behind is simple- Reliance announced a Welcome

The reason behind is simple- Reliance announced a Welcome plan that allowed the customers to use data and calls absolutely free.

On the launching time, in Reliance Jio, data was supposed to be free until January 1, with a daily limit of 4GB.

After January 1, 2017,  Reliance announced its Happy New Year Offer, with which it remained free for 3 more months, with a daily limit of 1GB.

It’s definitely going paid from April 1 though – this was announced alongside the

Now, Reliance Jio going to be paid from 2017 April 1 though – this was announced alongside the Jio Prime subscription plan.

The profits of Reliance Jio Prime subscription are attractively good, and if your experience with Reliance Jio has been good for the last 6 months, it makes a lot of sense to continue in the network.

On the other hand, if your encounter with Reliance Jio hasn’t been so good over the past 6 months, it’s very easy to get rid of your Reliance Jio connection too.

How to check your Reliance Jio number is postpaid or prepaid?
Most of the connections in the 100 million Reliance Jio users are using a prepaid SIM. Some of the people using Reliance Jio Postpaid connections also.

So, the first step of the disconnection process is to check which one you’re using. It’s easy to confirm.

  1. Open the MyJio app in your handset, and tap the Open button next to MyJio.
  2. Sign in the app with your Reliance Jio number and password, if you haven’t already.
  3. Swipe in from the left side to show the menu.
  4. Tap on My plans section
    If You are a Pre-Paid user, it’ll say Happy New Year Offer on top, and it’s followed by Prepaid recharge.On the other hand, if you’re a postpaid user, it will say Postpaid.                                                                                             Now that you know which one applies to you, let’s move on to the next step.

To Cancel Reliance Jio prepaid number:
This is an easy step. Take the SIM card out from, your mobile handset, and put it in a corner for three months. After 90 days of inactivity, with zero balance, the Reliance Jio prepaid SIMs are disconnected.

How to cancel a Reliance Jio postpaid number?

To cancel a Reliance Postpaid number there is a few steps to follow.

The best way to terminate your Reliance Jio postpaid connection is to call up the customer care.

You can also cancel the connection by visiting a Reliance Jio store and ask them to disconnect your number.

Definitely, they will ask you the reasons for disconnection, and once the request has been accepted, the account should be closed within 7 working days. This method also works in prepaid numbers also,  if you don’t want to wait till 90 days.

If you are decided to discontinue your connection, please make the call before April 1, so no charges are attached to your account.

Just remember one thing, if you are calling the Reliance Jio customer care over the phone, must prepare for a long wait before you can speak to someone who can help you.

We think that the store visit is the better way for a postpaid disconnection, though it would depend on where the nearest Jio store is located for you.

That’s all there is to closing your Reliance Jio accounts.

Are you planning to continue with Reliance Jio after the network goes paid?

Then another question is here; Have you already bought your

Have you already bought your Reliance Jio Prime subscription?