Huge amount deposited in the account of West Bengal BJP unit, just before the announcement of De-monitisation

Kolkata, November 11: Shocking! Just a few hours before the demonetisation announcement on November 8, a huge amount of cash has been deposited in the bank account of West Bengal BJP unit, according to a local newspaper report.

An article published in the CPI(M) party mouthpiece, Ganashakti, claimed that around Rs. 1 crore worth of cash was deposited in this account on Tuesday, using only the banknotes of RS 500 and RS 1000.

The money was reportedly deposited in the savings account no 554510034, which is in the name of the BJP state unit, at the Chittaranjan Avenue branch of Indian Bank in Kolkata.

The article claimed the deposits were made twice on November 8 as RS 60 lakh and RS 40 lakh.

In addition to this, RS 50 lakhs and RS 70 lakhs were also deposited in another account belongs BJP unit during the first week of  November.  The report said the cash was deposited in account number 6365251388 at the same branch of Indian Bank.

However, Dilip Ghosh, President of West Bengal unit of BJP, denied the allegations saying that there were no such irregularities in any sort of transactions, BusinessLine reported.

Ghosh was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “This is money that is accounted for and if required we can give details of these transactions to any investigating authority.”

“Normally, party funding is through donations and a part of this is in cash. We issue receipts against the cash received. Copies of such receipts are also available with the party for verification,” he added.