Hundreds want to adopt ‘Miracle Baby’ Ansh

Mumbai, April 21: Baby Ansh is just days old, but he has already seen the worst and best of humanity. Unwanted by his parents and dumped in a ditch within days of his birth, little Ansh has captured the hearts of hundreds who have called in with requests to adopt him after reading mid-day’s report yesterday. –

But no one is more enamoured than Nimesh Bhansali, who turned out to be the baby’s guardian angel on Tuesday, when he rescued Ansh from certain death. Just 2-3 days old, the baby had been abandoned in a nullah in Naigaon, his body covered in mud, with ants swarming all over his face and back. A whole crowd had gathered to peer at him, but all they did was take pictures and videos of the ‘dead baby’. It was only 34-year-old Nimesh who saw a tiny movement in the baby’s hand and realised he was alive. The Virar businessman picked up the infant, washed him and wiped the mud and ants off and took him to Oscar Hospital in Kandivli, where he continues to watch over the child. When this reporter returned to the hospital yesterday, Nimesh was right by the baby’s side, along with his wife Kalpana and his two sons. 

It was Nimesh who named Ansh, and he now hopes to give the baby his own name. In the past day alone, he received nearly 200 calls and visits from people, offering to provide a home to Ansh or just help him financially, after they read about him in mid-day’s front-page story yesterday. “I want to thank all those who have shown their concern for Ansh and am thankful to the hospital, which refused to take any money to treat him,” said Nimesh, adding, “Ansh is lucky for me. Ever since I found him, he has brought goodness into my life. I will try my level best to keep him with me.”

Nimesh said the hospital authorities had played a big part in saving Ansh. “The staff have shown nothing but care and affection towards the baby, who has now become the centre of attraction there. Even patients at the hospital are lining up to catch a glimpse of the tiny infant who fought death and abandonment to receive a second life,” said Nimesh.

Ansh, who was severely dehydrated and had several ant bites on his face and body, was given oral treatment and is currently on antibiotics. “The ant bites were not so visible on the first day, but today they can be seen clearly on his face. Despite this, he has not cried or disturbed anyone,” said Nimesh.

A staffer from the hospital said, “If the baby had not been rescued in time, he would not have survived. We are so happy he is here in the hospital and we have got a chance to take care of him.”

Dr Nitin Pawar, managing director at Oscar Multispeciality Hospital, said that they will not take any money for the child’s treatment and added that even the hospital and its staff were flooded with calls for adoption. “The baby is fine now, and is recovering. I have personally got about 30 calls from places as far away as Nasik and Kalyan,” he added.

FIR filed
After hours of trying to file a complaint with the cops and being turned away from two police stations, Nimesh Bhansali registered an FIR in the matter at Vasai Vali police station around 1.30 am on Tuesday night. The FIR was filed under Section 317 of the IPC, which relates to exposure and abandonment of a child under 12, by parent or person having care of it.