Hungry Australian pilot lands chopper on the lawn of McDonald’s and gets himself some junk food

Hungry Australian pilot lands chopper on the lawn of MxDonald's and gets himself some junk food

Sydney, May15:The phone recorded video which has spread like a wild fire in the jungle, shows a man walking towards a chopper from a Mc Donalds outlet.

As being reported by a local news channel, Nine News Australia, the jaw of the residents — habiting near McDonald’s in Sydney — touching the ground after they witnessed a chopper landing on the lawn and then pilot got out of his chopper to get himself some junk food.

Video that went viral shows the pilot with a cap clicking pictures of his chopper with a brown bag in his hands. Later, the man gets into the chopper and flies away.

The eyewitnesses present at the spot said, “I thought it was an emergency”. The incident reportedly took place on Saturday evening.

Commenting on the matter, a spokesperson from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, while speaking to a leading daily said that the landing cannot be termed illegal if the pilot had the land owner’s permission.

The official said, “Was it unusual? Yes. Was it unsafe? We’re not in a position to say until we’ve looked at the footage.”

After the matter was highlighted, a man speaking on a radio show, identified himself as Dan, claimed that ‘he had the permission to land’. He also claimed that he had been doing things like this in past also.

The concerned authorities said that the pilot’s landing and take-off is under investigation along with the phone recorded video.