Husband denied bail in godman rape case of wife to conceive child in Dindoshi

Husband denied bail in godman rape case of wife to conceive child in Dindoshi

Dindoshi, March11:The Dindoshi court has rejected a bail application filed by a 24-year-old man who was arrested by the Dindoshi police in January 2017 for allegedly forcing his 23-year-old wife to enter into a physical relationship with an alleged `godman’ to conceive a child. The wife had herself filed a criminal case against her husband for aiding the godman in raping her on multiple occasions.

The court, in its order passed earlier this week, rejected the bail application on the grounds that the matter was serious and hence the accused could not be released on bail.

According to the police, the couple had a love marriage in the year 2015. When the man realised that he was unable to beget a child, he took his wife to Nair hospital, where she underwent treatment for six months diligently. However since the medication did not help, the accused decided to seek treatment from an alleged ‘godman’ named Umar Shah baba.

On November 10,2016, the accused allegedly took his wife to Scooter colony, Malad West, and decided to seek help from the `baba’ so that his wife conceives.

“The day she was taken to the baba’s place, the baba asked the accused to leave his wife at his place and leave. The accused followed his say, and asked her to stay back. The baba took the victim to a mezzanine floor, intoxicated her with a drink and raped her. When she gained consciousness, she realized that she was raped, and so she rushed back home and informed about the incident to the accused. The accused, however asked her to co-ordinate with the baba so that she conceives. Post that incident the baba twice committed the offence on the permission of the husband. Finally, when the lady refused to fall prey to the wicked intentions of the accused, the husband started assaulting her,” states the bail application on the police’s version.

An offence was registered with the Dindoshi police station, which then arrested the husband and the `godman’.