I believe in democracy, will fight: Dilma Rousseff

Brasília, Apr. 19: Despite impeachment defeat in the lower house, Brazil’s embattled President Dilma Rousseff has said she has done nothing wrong, adding that she would fight to maintain power.

“I believe in democracy. I will fight, like I have always done in my life. This is not the beginning of the end – it’s the beginning of the fight,” the Guardian quoted her as saying.
As the opposition celebrated Sunday’s vote and prepared for a new administration under Vice-President Michel Temer, Rousseff clearly singled out Temer for criticism and said that he had “openly conspired” against her.

She repeatedly pledged not to step down. 
“My mandate is not for me, it’s for 54 million who voted for me ... this is a fight for Brazil, for democracy,” she said. 

However, the Opposition remains poised to give Brazil its first centre-right government in more than 13 years.

The lawmakers in the lower house of Congress voted in favour of sending an impeachment motion against her to the upper house. 
Rousseff is accused of manipulating government accounts, which she clearly denies. 

Meanwhile, the Senate will now have to decide whether to start an impeachment trial against her or not. The Senators are expected to vote on the matter early next month.

If the senators vote in favour of the trial, Rousseff will be suspended from office while the trial is under way and Vice-President Temer will become acting president for the duration of her suspension.