‘I was misquoted’ now says Gandhiji’s aide Venkita Kalyanam about ‘Hey ram’ remark

Gandhiji’s aide Venkita kalyanam who stunned the country a decade before by saying that, Gandhiji never said, ‘hey ram’ when he was assassinated by the bullets of Nathuram Godse now got a new version for his comment. He said that he was misquoted and he said, ‘I never said Gandhiji did not say ‘Hey Ram’ at all. What I had said was I did not hear him saying ‘Hey Ram’.

Venkita Kalyanam, who was Gandhi’s personal secretary between 1943 and 1948 said to PTI that “Everybody was shouting when the Mahatma was shot. I could not hear anything in the din. He may have uttered ‘Hey Ram’.

In a press conference held in 2006, Kalayanam said that Gandhiji never said ‘Hey Ram’. Later Gandhiji’s Thushar Gandhi called it as absurd by citing the testimony of Sardar Gurbachan Singh.