If Modi fails now, no PM will dare to fight corruption for 100 years: Modi supporters releases new video

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Gujarat, November 1: After facing lot of criticisms by the people regarding demonetization and other issues going on in the country, an emotional video is made by the supporters of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat.

The video argues that the country never had a prime minister like Narendra Modi who worked tirelessly, fought black money, motivated soldiers and is trying hard to create a clean India.

The video that is shot at a roadside barber’s shop in Gujarat. In the video, it shows an angry young man interrupting a conversation between two Gujaratis who call Modi a dictator jene pathari fervi kaadi che meaning a dictator who has brought in bad times for people.

The young man gives a lecture for over three minutes on how Narendra Modi who starts working at 5 am every day, spends Diwali with soldiers, do not enjoy parties for journalists or take friends on foreign tours.

While giving the examples of Sonia Gandhi and Lalu Prasad Yadav who are just setting their sons in politics and Mulayam Singh Yadav who is setting a secured future for his entire family. The video sarcastically comments that the country must think that it deserves a PM like Narendra Modi who is interested in the future of the country.

Th video gave a warning to the people that if Narendra Modi fails no other Indian PM will dare to fight corruption in 100 years. It also praised Narendra Modi for risky decisions that he took for the benefit of the country like demonetization or surgical strikes, despite knowing that the system will disown him if they backfired.