If we come to power, we would unveil secrets behind Jayalalithaa’s death: Deepa Jayakumar

If we come to power, we would unveil secrets behind Jayalalithaa's death: Deepa Jayakumar.

Chennai, January 17: Deepa Jayakumar has announced her entrance to Tamil Nadu politics today. This actually scores a new beginning to the renaissance of Tamil Nadu Politics.

While contacted by India Live Today, Deepa Jayakumar confirmed that this would be the beginning of  a new chapter in her life.

While asked about the untold facts and secrets behind the death of her aunt Jayalalithaa, Deepa stated that she is also eager to know the facts behind Jayalalithaa’s death.

She added that, if she gets strength of power, she would interrupt and clarify the happenings in the Apollo hospital from the first day, Jayalalithaa was admitted there. All clinical procedures done to her at Apollo hospital would be included in this probe.

Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo Hospital on September 22, 2016. People from several corners have urged the government to reveal the health condition of Jayalalithaa. But nobody responded.

Apollo hospital has released health bulletins once in a while delivering brief statements about Jayalalithaa’s health condition. But no information was worth believing. It was even alleged that the information delivered by the hospital is according to the plan of certain people close to Jayalalithaa.

When Jayalalithaa was undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital, her niece Deepa Jayakumar was not allowed to see her. Deepa was preventaed at the entrance of the hospital. She raised her voice against this injustice but nothing more has happened. She said that more than 25 times she tried to meet her ailing aunt at hospital. but not even once she was allowed to see her aunt. It is unbelievable if they claim that the decision to restrict visitors at hospital is by ailing Jayalalithaa herself.

Deepa had earlier said that some people have isolated Jayalalithaa from relatives.”When my mother (Jayalalithaa’s sister-in-law Vijayalakshmi) was critically ill in November, 2012, I could not even communicate the news to my aunt because of these people.” When Deepa’s father, Jayalalithaa’s brother, Jayakumar died in 1995, the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had visited the family, Deepa said.

She said it was a mystery that none could see the Chief Minister for almost two weeks since her hospitalisation. “I feel that it is a serious condition, which needs to be probed. Who is behind this secrecy?” asked Deepa Jayakumar.