Ignores health warnings; Brazilian man removed  two ribs to look like Ken doll

Taking care of one’s looks is one thing but recently dangerous trends involving people going to unimaginable lengths for achieving beauty standards set by society or for challenges like the thigh gap.

One such individual is Mauricio Galdi from Sau Paulo, Brazil, who has made it a mission in life to achieve looks that make him resemble a real life ‘Ken doll’. Not only is his quest ambitious, but it is extremely dangerous.

But despite warnings from Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif in US, Mauricio seems to be willing to take any risk for his aspiration. This is why he found another medic and got two ribs removed in a life threatening procedure.

He told Daily Star Online that, “I’m always sure to find the best and I found a doctor who was an expert. He said to me, ‘I can do this but you can just remove two ribs, not six, not four, not ten.”

But this isn’t a first for Mauricio, who has chest implants, arm implants and liposuction in addiction to four nose jobs, and says he isn’t insecure about his looks. A bungled chest operation left Mauricio unable to achieve the perfect body and a deformity.

The son of a film distributor, Galdi says he envied girls while growing up, since it was unacceptable in society if he played with Barbie or Ken dolls. This is when he was fascinated with the perfect features of Barbie’s boyfriend.

At 17, Mauricio joined acting class and was heartbroken to find out that he wasn’t considered beautiful. This led to Mauricio going under the knife in a quest to look beautiful and also getting polymethylmethacrylate injections.