IIT Bombay hostel council asks students to use separate plates to eat non-veg food

IIT Bombay hostel council asks students to use separate plates to eat non-veg food.

Mumbai/Maharashtra, Jan 17: A hostel council at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay has reportedly asked the students to use separate plates to eat non-vegetarian food at the hostel mess.

Reportedly, the new direction was made as a result of the complaints which the administration had received, from the vegetarian students. But the Indian Institute of Technology has denied the information on issuing such an advisory.

According to reports, on January 12th the hostel administration has sent an e-mail asking non-vegetarians to use separate plates for taking non-vegetarian dishes.

On Tuesday, Ritika Verma, the general secretary of the Hostel, had come up with clarification on the new instruction. She wrote in the mail “this thing has been practised for a long time, that mess people are serving non-veg in different plates as they are not part of the main menu. We concern religious belief but as council members nothing of such kind can be forced upon anyone (sic).”

Dean of students’affair Soumyo Mukherjee stated that all “extra items” for which students had to pay over and above the mess charges —both vegetarian and non-vegetarian — were served in separate bowls. “It helps keep a tab on how many students paid for extra items. All hostels follow this practice. The institute has not imposed any separate plates for non-vegetarians,” said Mukherjee.

According to certain students who stay in other hostels, non-vegetarian food had been served in separate plates. But there was no such outrage like this on this matter before.

However, the hostel mess team denied the whole issue, saying it had never asked the students to use separate plates for non-vegetarian food. “This is to clarify that all IIT-Bombay hostels always serve non-vegetarian food at a separate counter in a separate small dish,” the team said. “There are no separate plates for non-veg food. Plates are same for all. This practice has been in all hostels for a long time. Some student has misunderstood this request.”