I’m not chasing sex anymore: Karan Johar

New Delhi, June 29 : Karan Johar, every celeb’s BFF in the tinsel town, has recently revealed that he is not chasing sex any more.

In his latest article for NDTV, the 44-year-old filmmaker said that he is “going through AOMO – the acceptance of missing out.”

Hence, Karan declared, “I’m not chasing sex anymore. If someone wants to chase me, they can certainly go for it. I can’t do it.”

The Dharma Production head, in this regard, even said that he was once “invited to an orgy,” which he declined.

“I can’t imagine anything more awful. I really am clumsy! I wouldn’t know what to do, where to look. I can barely handle one person, where could I hope to manage two or more?!” he explained.

Karan continued he still believes in the intimacy, the quiet moments, the beauty of a kiss, “but the sharing will always be more exciting to me than the act itself. No chains or handcuffs or toys for me thank you very much, I don’t get the fuss – maybe I’m alone but I don’t get it.”