In a bid to compete, Apple grows its self driving car fleet to 27

In a bid to complete, Apple grows its self driving car fleet to 27

Washington, Jan 27: While working on its smartphone devices, Apple is working hard on its self-driving cars, reportedly increased its autonomous fleet of test vehicles to 27.

Cupertino has registered 24 additional autonomous Lexus Rx450h sport-utility vehicles in the Golden State since first receiving a permit to test three of them in the state in April 2017, reported Bloomberg.

The company reportedly registered those two-dozen additional autonomous Lexus SUVs from July 2017 through this month. Apple’s initial permit prompted speculation that the company would be designing their own autonomous car under the name “Project Titan.” While the company’s recent direction hasn’t eliminated that possibility, it’s clear that Apple is more focused on self-driving software than designing actual vehicles.

Apple’s autonomous fleet, while growing, still pales in comparison to rival Waymo’s. Google parent company Alphabet’s autonomous car unit has vehicles on the road in six states, according to Bloomberg. Waymo in November announced that a subset of its autonomous vehicles will operate by themselves—sans a human test driver behind the wheel—in the Phoenix metro region.