In a stunning defeat to Donald Trump, vote on Obamacare cancelled

Donald Trump
The United States has its first government shutdown on Saturday, in nearly five years after senators failed to reach a deal to keep the lights on.
New York, March 25: In a noteworthy setback to United States President Donald Trump, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan pulled back a healthcare bill went for renouncing and replacing the Obamacare policy from the vote as the Republican party fizzled to summon the votes expected to get the enactment passed.
The United States House of Representatives – like the Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament – has 435 members. The Republican party enjoys a straightforward greater part in the House with 235 members.
However, because of resistance from some of its own party legislators, specifically the one that have grouped themselves under the flag of Freedom Caucus, Ryan, who had been driving the exertion in the interest of Donald Trump, couldn’t marshal the majority of 215 votes.
 Accordingly, with an end goal to stay away from the embarrassment of defeat, Ryan declared that he was pulling back the move to have a vote on Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
The White House and Donald Trump had set up an overcome confront even till the last minute when they attempted their best to gather bolster for their push to rescind and replace Obamacare.

With the written work on the wall, Ryan headed to the White House to illuminate Donald Trump to inform him he doesn’t have enough votes to see the critical enactment go through the Congress.

 Not at all like India, the United States Congress does not have a hostile to surrender charge, subsequently of which United States lawmakers are allowed to practice their entitlement to vote on a bill according to their desire and not as per direct of the party leadership.
The White House said Donald Trump did everything he could for the passage of the bill. “There’s no question in my mind at least that the US President and the team here have left everything on the field… It is now going to be up to the members of the House to decide whether or not they want to follow through on the promise to that,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters.