Selling ‘pakoda’ better than begging | In Rajya Sabha maiden speech, Amit Shah attacks Congress

New Delhi, Feb 5: In his maiden speech as the member of Rajya Sabha, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah on Monday hit out Congress for its ‘pakoda’ jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, “That is so wrong. A pakoda seller is earning a living, not begging, who knows his next generation might rise to be a leader, after all, a tea seller has today become a Prime Minister.”

Congress leader Chidambaram had made a dig at PM Modi, who said in a TV interview that a person selling pakodas is employed.

Shah, also did not spare Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Attacking Rahul Gandhi for terming GST as Gabbar Singh Tax, he said, “The GST was implemented after everyone’s consensus. Now they are naming it Gabbar Singh Tax. Who is Gabbar Singh? He was a dacoit in Bollywood film Sholay. So is it dacoity to levy government tax?,” he asked.

Praising the work carried out by the present NDA government, Shah who was elected to the Rajya Sabha a few months ago,  initiating the discussion in the house on the motion of thanks on the President’s address to parliament said  “For the past 30 years the country has been unstable, with citizens not giving any one party a majority. However, in 2014, Narendra Modi and the BJP won clear cut mandate as people sought a solution to the many problems,” he said.

Further he said the government was committed in eradicating poverty. , “Garibi hatao slogan may have been raised years ago, but it was the Narendra Modi government that has moved towards it.”

The BJP President also touched upon the simultaneous assembly and Lok Sabha elections. He also gave list of measures taken by the government to address various issues from unemployment to farmer’s suicide among others.