Independence day 2017: Omar Abdullah denied PM Modi over ‘Kashmir remark’

Rajnath Singh's visit to Jammu and Kashmir: Omar Abdullah reminds him of PM Modi's I-day promise

New Delhi / August 15 :Omar Abdullah, the National Conference (NC) leader and former chief inister , stated on Tuesday, took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his statement on resolving the ongoing crisis that happen in  Kashmir.  which according to the letter can be possible by embracing the natives, rather than bullets and abuses.

Omar Abdullah stated that the Kashmir issue will not be resolved by abuse and bullets. I guess that covers both sides – terrorists and security forces, he tweeted in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to reports, earlier in Modi August 15 speech, he stated that the situation in the valley cannot be solved by bullets or abuse, but by embracing Kashmiris.

while he Strongly express his complete disapproval of rise of terrorism, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that the national security remains the top priority of the Centre, no leeway will be given to terrorists.

“We are not alone in our fight against terrorism; many countries are actively supporting us. There will be no type of softness against terrorism,” he said, adding, “We are committed to restoring Kashmir’s status of heaven on earth. said Modi.

Further, countering the revelations made on the amount of black money recovered during the demonetisation phase, Abdullah satirically remarked that the availability of figures highlights,

that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) completed the counting of demonetised currency notes.