India-China relation just like monsoon season, different levels of rainfall in different years, says Zheng Xiyuan

Amid border issues, officials from India, China holds their first meeting in Beijing. Photo: Twitter

Bejing/China, September 27: Zheng Xiyuan said that the relationship between India and China resembles the monsoon that rains unlikely every year. Zheng Xiyuan who is the Consultant General of China was addressing at a gathering last evening in celebration of the 68th National Day of the Peoples Republic of China.

Zheng Xiyuan said that “Relation between China and India is just like the monsoon season. There are different levels of rainfall in different years. And, sometimes you have clouds as well. Despite fluctuations in ties, the right way forward for the two countries would be to exist peacefully and work together for a win-win situation.”

Zheng Xiyuan further mentioned that “Over the past three years, we have seen changes in relation between India and China. In 2017, India and China witnessed a stand-off. India and China were engaged in a military face-off for 70 days over the construction of a road in the Doklam region, a territory which is claimed by both China and India’s ally Bhutan.

Zheng Xiyuan further said that there are great opportunities for both China and India to explore and the two countries must support each other in order to move ahead. He said that “Let us work together, let us travel together in the same boat and sail towards the destination the leaders of the two nations have charted out. The reality is that, whenever we approached their entrance, they shook hands with us and engaged in friendly talks.”