India engages with US as Trump works on South Asia policy

India engages with US as Trump works on South Asia policy.

New Delhi, August 7: Aside from the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting, General VK Singh met the US secretary Rex Tillerson at Manila regarding the improved commitment between India and the US. It is evident at a time when Donald Trump is working on a South Asia policy to deal with the most difficult and one of the longest wars in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj at the Indo-US forum this week stated that “we surely appreciate the sacrifices made by the US to safeguard unity, security and democracy in Afghanistan. It is necessary that the international community, especially the US would remain engaged in Afghanistan so the benefits of the previous 16 years are not dissipated.” India joined another $1 billion to aid Afghanistan. The Ministry of External Affairs briefed Parliament this week that “Rs 350 crores gain extended support to Afghanistan under Budget Estimates 2017-2018.

Donald Trump said that a new approach is been looked upon as the ongoing one is still there. He objected to the military generals that the US was not gaining victory in Afghanistan. The effort would have a glance at the new approaches. The focus of this new policy is to strengthen the security forces in Afghanistan, cut down training missions, pursuing the terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaida and forward the Ghani government to resolve to some level of competence.

At Afghanistan, Gen Nicholson, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commander said the war as a “deadlock” and requested for “few thousand” extra troops. “Offensive capability would break the deadlock in Afghanistan,” he said in February. According to the sources, the policy would be wider and vast than the additional troops. Even now, the conclusion is not clear to the US or the region, whether it is to gain victory in the war against the Taliban or to have a peace agreement with them.

The US’s National Security Certificates spokesperson consigned this policy debate. “The President’s national security would develop a complete combine strategy for South Asia which would promote all the aspects of our national power.

Washington would be looking to use a “blend of tools” to influence Pakistan to collaborate with the US in Afghanistan. In the earlier years, Pakistan used these openings to request for more weapons and greater freedom against India.