India is winning in Doklam without fighting any battle

Doklam issue too small to hamper India-China relationship: BJP leader Ram Madhav

New Delhi, August 11: Many people in India assume to think that India is at a disadvantage for the recent showdown with China over the Dokhlam tri junction. Some people tend to feel that would the situation continue or decline, then ‘critical disregard’ would be the only option. However, people in China feel that they would be extremely confident that the strategic defiance by India and they would be economically and diplomatically disastrous for India.

According to reliable resources, people in Bejing said it very rudely that “India is a dog. Whatever we do to you, you would first bark and mess then only accept it and would come back wagging your tail. Now the problem is what we could do to you is also very limited.” This raised the question about why India is feeling that it is losing its control of the situation. If this is the idea that India will anyhow finally turn on China that is based on reality or just a plain thinking.

The first time, India’s intonation has been persistently calm, not any threatening action, but it is sticking to its guns. And for the first time in decades, it is standing up to Chinese domineering and glaring it down. The ‘losing control’ and ‘rising crisis’ narratives could emerge only from a set of crucial commentators whose aperture would be limited to Xinhua and Global Times and would be entirely vacant of initial research.

The only real ‘acceleration’ that could happen would be the powerless Chinese border troops coming and bowing down in the Indian Territory, which was proposed by the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs that was a major ‘climb-down’, and from the earlier warnings, that were unpromising due to the lack of precision.

The diplomatic and strategic costs of escalation for China now are severe, even if Indian warheads can’t reach the Chinese eastern seaboard, taking China down several pegs equating it with rogue revisionist states like Pakistan and destroying the image of it being a more or less ‘responsible’ player on the world stage. All indicators that are that short of an extremely serious miscalculation by the Chinese leadership, the situation has plateaued. The only spikes will be verbal, and that too from the Chinese side.

According to the media reports, it confused things for the Chinese leadership when it chooses to deactivate. Anyhow,  it was declared that  India had reduced the number of troops. The escalation would not be an option for China. But the conquest was also impossible, till the public attention was shifted somewhere else.

The China’s huge strain of finished goods, like mobile phones, are the core drivers of the Indian economy and it is impossible to replace. If there is a choice made by China, then we would bid goodbye to any chance of UN Security Council and Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) membership. In this position, Dokhlam would win and the best possible thing under the situation, which would mark the first serious Indian expel to Chinese salami strategy.