India leading the race against Climate Change: UN Secretary-General

UN Secretary-General: India leading the race against Climate Change

January 13: Antonio Guterres, who recently assumed the post of UN Secretary, has lauded India’s efforts to battle Climate Change. He said that India has taken on a major leadership role in fighting climate change when others are failing.

Guterres was speaking at a G77 ceremony where Egypt took over the leadership of the organization form Ecuador on Friday.

“In a moment when others are failing,the largest economies in the world, the two largest economies of the G77 are strongly committed to the leadership in climate action and I refer to China and India” said Guterres.

He told the representatives of G77 countries that all the leaders should have a solid commitment to climate action. He added that we cannot be defeated by climate change, although, the battle cannot be won without immediate action.

The biggest victims of climate change are the developing countries that are members of the Group of 77 (G77).

G77 is organization of developing countries and it currently has a total membership of 134 countries. It works collectively on development and international economic issues and is the largest group in the UN.