India, Maldives to conduct joint army exercise

New Delhi, Dec 13 (IANS) India and the Maldives will conduct joint military exercise ‘Ekuverin’ from December 15, focusing on counter terrorism and amphibious operations, an official statement said.

This is the seventh edition of the exercise and will be held from December 15 to 28 at Kadhdhoo, Laamu atoll in the Maldives.

“The exercise is a 14-day platoon level joint military exercise between the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force conducted on a yearly basis,” an official statement from the Indian Army said.

“The aim of the exercise is to conduct military training with emphasis on amphibious and counter-terrorism operations with a view to enhance inter-operability between the two armies,” it said.

The contingents comprise platoon strength from Bihar Regiment and a similar strength of the Maldivian National Defence Force.

The previous edition of the exercise was held in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.