India to ICJ: Take immediate steps to stop Pakistan’s from executing Kulbhushan Jadav

India to ICJ: Take immediate steps to stop Pakistan's from executing Kulbhushan Jadav
India to ICJ: Take immediate steps to stop Pakistan's from executing Kulbhushan Jadav

Hague/Netherlands, May 15: India on Monday told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that immediate steps must be taken to stop Pakistan’s from carrying out the death sentence of former Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Noted lawyer Harish Salve, speaking to India, told the court that India couldn’t organise resistance assistant to Jadhav because of the disavowal of consular access by Pakistan.

He said India made endless solicitations for consular get to, however, Pakistan declined to give reports identifying with the case and consular access to him.

“Jadhav was confined on confession booth proclamations removed from him when he was in Pakistan’s military guardianship,” Salve said.

Requesting temporary measures to remain Jadhav’s execution, Harish Salve gave cases in the matter of when the International Court of Justice requested temporary alleviation to death push convicts pending trial in the ICJ.

He told the court that it is basic to anticipate hopeless harm to Jadhav’s rights.

Invalidating the assertions levelled on Jadhav by Pakistan, Salve contended that India’s case is that all through his detainment, Jadhav was denied consular get to.

Treatment told the court that Jadhav’s tape was doctored.

Affirming that India depends on the Vienna Convention, Salve contended that the Vienna Convention doesn’t give any special case as to giving consular get to.

Balm referring to Nicaragua, Germany and Mexico’s illustrations said that India looks for revocation of capital punishment reported by Pakistan’s military court for Jadhav.

“Pakistan’s lead damages the Vienna Convention. The more genuine the charge, the more prominent the requirement for procedural shields to ensure the privileges of the denounced,” Salve told the court.

Treatment raised questions over Pakistan military court’s fairness, saying that Jadhav’s allure was heard by a military court, directed by a two-star general, though his capital punishment was affirmed by a four-star general. (ANI)