India, UK to boost cooperation in tackling cyber terrorism: May

New Delhi, Nov 7 (IANS) Visiting British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday said the UK and India faced the shared threat of terrorism and the two have agreed to strengthen cooperation in tackling use of the internet by extremists.

“We both face the shared threat of terrorism as individual countries, as partners, and as global powers,” May said in a joint media briefing after her talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Hyderabad House here.

“We have agreed to strengthen our cooperation, in particular, by sharing best practice to tackle use of internet by violent extremists, she said.

“Modi and I have agreed to step up our cooperation by negotiating a cyber framework between our countries.”

May said the UK and India faced an increasing threat of cyber attacks from other states, terrorists and criminals operating in cyber space.

She stressed that she and Prime Minister Modi were personally dedicated to invest in the UK-India relationship.

“We share values and that makes us natural partners.”