India uniquely positioned to benefit from cloud in 2017: Oracle

New Delhi, Jan 31 (IANS) As enterprise cloud is expected to become the most secure place for IT processing with nearly 60 per cent IT organisations to move their systems management to the cloud in 2017, India will be among top beneficiaries from cloud computing, US tech giant Oracle predicted on Tuesday.

“India is uniquely positioned to benefit from cloud computing as cloud becomes an essential component of any organisations’ IT and business strategies,” Shailender Kumar, Managing Director at Oracle India, said in a statement.

“Increased government spending on digital technologies, coupled with heightened demand from the private sector, continues to be a great boost for the industry,” Kumar added.

Not only the large firms, cloud will empower small business innovation in 2017 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become a reality, Oracle said.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers — equipped to take more responsibility and deliver the control tenants demand — will be the one to drive cloud migration in 2017.

According to Oracle, corporate-owned data centre numbers will fall 80 per cent by 2025 and the same percentage of IT spending will be devoted to cloud services.

The Redwood City, California-based company emphasised that data sovereignty, data privacy and control issues, that have deterred many organisations from pursuing cloud adoption, will be the things that draw new organisations to the cloud.

With AI and robotics having carved out a niche in the manufacturing sector, the AI space is being fueled by the data explosion. This will witness the rise of intelligent applications that are behind many online shopping sites and on demand music services.

Technological advancements will provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses to expand, innovate and create new value and empower small business innovation allowing them to innovate freely and carve out new markets.

With the speculated launch of a new tool — “Visual” or “low” coding, the developers will do more with less coding in 2017. This will enable quick, straightforward development and extension of enterprise applications, the compay said.