Indian designers are getting noticed globally: Vaishali Shadangule

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Indian designer Vaishali Shadangule, who recently showcased her creations at the prestigious New York Fashion Week (NYFW), says that the need for original work and acceptance of new ideas is creating new space for Indian designers in the international market.

“International fashion market is very open to accept new ideas and experiments and Indian designers are getting noticed globally. The consistency of innovative and original work is increasingly creating a new space for Indian fashion in the international segment,” Shadangule told IANS in an email interview from New York.

She says she is trying to explore different possibilities of international expansion.

“People are showing interest in the brand and I’m considering several aspects. To set a trend and establish an exclusive presence in the business international market is very important,” she said.

“I think the best way to grow a brand is to keep building the maturity of your work. I have always tried to maintain that and the experience is very fulfilling. The challenges are part of the journey and strength and determination is the key to deal with that,” added the designer.

Her label Vaishali S, launched in 2001, is a Mumbai-based brand. Her vision is to bring India’s centuries-old weaving technique to the forefront in the global fashion scene. The label uses a modern and innovative approach that blends modern fashion trends with traditional Indian textiles.

The current collection is a mix of Khadi, Merino wool and different weaves of India.

The designer has successfully produced and presented 19 collections at prestigious events such as the New York Fashion Week, FDCI (Amazon/Wills) Fashion Week, and Lakme Fashion Week to date.

Shadangule has explored and worked with textiles developed across India’s various regional and cultural textile centres. She has brought traditional weaving techniques from many of India’s remote villages to its mainstream fashion centres.

The designer is happy after her second innings at NWFW.

“The previous collection was met with appreciation by the viewers and the buyers. So I do feel this collection will also find a space in everyone’s hearts. I think the collection will make a good impact and the versatility of hand woven textiles and the Indian traditional aesthetic will itself will be a show-stopper this time,” she said.

“My inspiration and philosophy behind the collection is about reviving the rich Indian traditional hand woven textile. I believe this will find a connection with the audience and will be a step towards bringing a remarkable change,” she added.

With such a wide exposure nationally and internationally, she feels that there is scope for everyone if the work is original.

“I think any designer can create something exclusive and original only when it comes from a place of honesty and a staunch belief in their own work. So, if the expression is genuine it will translate into great work and it will be noticed,” she said adding that the “talent is there but more good institutions to groom the talent need to be established. Glamour is just a shadow of good work”.

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