Indian heritage unparalleled: Designers Shyamal & Bhumika

Panaji, March 7 (IANS) Ahmedabad-based designer duo Shyamal and Bhumika feel that made-to-order garments are necessary in the country, which is extremely rich in its heritage.

“Bespoke in India is necessary because of the cultural and physical diversity we see here. Couture will always go hand in hand with bespoke. As one grows, so will the latter,” Shyamal told IANS here.

Bhumika says the country has an edge when it comes to hand done work.

“Our heritage is unparalleled. We take pride is showing to the world a piece of our country and its heritage. There’s an inexpressible satisfaction in working with craftsmen. To help this survive, fashion is a great platform and the kind of collections we do, give us enough scope for research and revival,” she said.

Shyamal said that every small contribution can make a difference on reviving the Indian dying crafts.

“The young genre of fashion designers we see are working hard with Indian textiles and sustainable fashion. Every small contribution can make a big difference,” he said.

The duo, who launched their eponymous label in 2000, are showcasing their latest line titled The Beach Wedding Collection 2017 at the fourth edition of India Beach Fashion Week here. Their collection is inspired by the spring mood for the destination bride.

Their showcase includes over 35 ensembles.

Talking about their collection, Bhumika said: “The collection includes some fresh colours like eggshell blue, pale blush, bisque, deep purple, beaujolais raspberry, swan white, aurora red, cobble stone grey.”

(The writer’s trip is at the invitation of India Beach Fashion Week organisers. Durga Chakravarty can be contacted at