Indian National Award winning documentary ‘Daughters of Mother India’ wins at film fest in Cairo

Cairo, Oct 27 : Indian National Award winning documentary “Daughters of Mother India” won the first prize in the Documentary Film category at the sixth CAM International Film Festival here.

The fest was organised by Arabic Egyptian Society for Culture, Media and Arts (CMA).

Directed by Vibha Bakshi, the movie portrays India’s story of resolve, hope and courage in the fight against gender violence. It frames the aftermath of the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder, on camera.

The CAM International Film Festival was held from October 8-13 October.

It is organised annually to promote cinema as a means of combating ignorance, poverty and terrorism. This year’s edition featured around 92 films from 33 countries in three categories: Short Fiction, Documentary and Animation.

India was the Guest of Honour in the film gala with 12 entries.