Indian Railways’ luxury Tejas Express to travel from Mumbai to Goa at 130 kmph!

Indian Railways’ luxury Tejas Express to travel from Mumbai to Goa at 130 kmph!

New Delhi, May5:new train will have two Executive chair cars (in 2+2 configuration). The Executive Chair cars have a seating capacity of 56 passengers.

Yet another airline-like feature in the Tejas Express is that each seat has an attendant call button facility. This call button/bell is integrated with the berth reading light

The Executive Chair car seats have an adjustable head-rest, comfortable arm support and even offer airline-like leg support. The facility of leg support is missing in the non-Executive chair car.

The central table in the Tejas Express will also have infotainment screens ensuring that passengers sitting in the middle don’t lose out on this new feature.

  • In line with the train’s overall luxurious feel, the train’s toilets have also been given a modern feel. Equipped with soap dispensers, touch-less water taps, odour-control system and occupancy indicators, the toilets in Tejas Express are a step up from the usual chair car trains.

The coaches are equipped with CCTV cameras for better security. Additionally, a modern fire and smoke detection system has been installed. The power car has a fire suppression system.

In line with Indian Railways vision to make tracks defecation free, Indian Railways has installed bio-vaccum toilets in Tejas Express. This would also ensure that as against normal toilets that need 10 litres of water per flush, only 1.5 litre of water would be consumed.

The bogie of Tejas coaches have stainless steel discs – this means that the braking system is more efficient and the breaking distance is less.

The vinyl-wrapped specially designed exteriors are graffiti proof. The exterior has a bright colour theme of orange and yellow. The colourful exterior is in line with the looks of the new Humsafar and Antyodaya Express. Tejas Express has a dust-proof/sealed inter car gangway.

Tejas Express – Suresh Prabhu’s idea of future train travel in India – is ready! Indian Railways is all set to roll out the luxurious feature-packed Tejas Express whose coaches have been designed to bear speeds of up to 200 kmph! Reports suggest that the first rake of the new train will start playing between Mumbai and Goa – so get ready to zip across short distances with infotainment and luxury on board! While the coaches of the train have been designed to take speeds of up to 200 kmph (clearly with an aim to increase speed later), for now the train will ply at a maximum speed of 130 kmph. Tejas Express has also been proposed for Delhi-Chandigarh and Surat to Mumbai route.